Saturday, August 28, 2010

I cant find my wallet

Today I almost starved to death because I forgot my wallet. At first I thought, not a big deal till I was sipping on delicious coffee and realized... wow I have to pay with change. Also not a big deal. After a valiant run to my awesome van for some spare change, holding up the line at 7eleven and dodging a few stares of death from angry old people, I'm finally off to work. Listening to some sweet tunes by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg I notice my gas tank was on empty. Fuck shit damn hell fuck, were the first thoughts that came to my head and was quickly follow by how nice Katy Perry's tits are. After a brief moment of panic and the thought of having to walk to every one of my job sites I thought to myself Ill just withdraw money from my bank! Awesome idea. Then i thought, shit, do I need my ID to withdraw some money cause I don't fucking have it. After ten seconds of trying to decide whether to spend the last remains of my gas to try and find this out I chose to continue working instead. Arriving at my job site I get an awesome text reminding me how much of a fail day I'm going to have.

Katie: You left your wallet here.
Me: Some dickish sarcastic reply.
Katie: You're a sarcastic dick.

After a few exchanged words I decided that I probably am a sarcastic dick... back to work.

Since I all of a sudden got bored of the idea of writing about my awesome day I'm gonna have to cut this short. I'm home.


  1. I used to lose my wallet a lot. Now I wear a chain wallet like I have alzheimers.

    I'm following you. Follow me back!

  2. i'va lost my wallet too, feels bad man.